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Homemade travisher *PIC*

Jack Guzman from Maine

I found this neat looking tool and got it because it was interesting. I had my doubts about it's practicality though until today. I had to carve out a seat for a settee. I gathered the tools I thought I would need and decided to try that one first. That thing is amazing. The shape is ideal for the job. It is comfortable to use and doesn't tire out my hands in use. It acts like a curved scrub plane removing lots of wood in each pass. To carve a seat I usually do most of the hollowing with a scorp(inshave) cutting cross grain ,but due to the shape of a settee,what is usually a cross grain cut is now with the grain. The scorp is not ideal for cutting with the grain. My other travisher doesn't take a deep cut so it would take alot of passes to hollow out the seat. This tool hogs out the wood cutting with the grain no problem. I had it hollowed out in minutes and followed it with the other travisher to smooth out the surface.
Whoever built this tool knew what he was doing. It does it's job quite well. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures.My phone isn't the best camera.---Jack

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