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what skew with you? or cross grain rabbits hell

Joseph Piotrowski
all i can say cross grain rabbits can be very difficult for a beginner. after trying a few methods with the tools i have, i was frustrated with my results. i din;t like the methodology of the better cuts.

poor skills surely play into this without a doubt. but having the right tool makes life so much better.

I purchased a LV skew rabbit plane. i can't even begin to describe the dramatic difference in the results. this thing is about as idiot proof as you can get.

the speed accuracy and final product are worth the cost. the smooth even tear out free rabbit made me smile all they way to my soul. the spiral shaving that littered my floor brought a tear to my eye.

my wallet my be crying a little too. :)

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what skew with you? or cross grain rabbits hell
Re: what skew with you? or cross grain rabbits hel
Cross grain rabbits are....
:). have to keep one foot. *NM*
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