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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"Leaching" of something inside the bronze makes no sense. What is going to survive the temperature of casting bronze, then be able to diffuse through the bronze and finally be soluble in a solvent? Not a chance.

Unless the environment is unusual the bonze is going to acquire a thin layer of oxidized metal which will not be a problem. Obviously we are dealing with an unusual environment here, either local to the storage area or in the atmosphere.

Tony stated that his cast iron planes rusted in this same environment. He went on to say that the environment is dry. This claim should be confirmed for high humidity is the most likely cause of the observed corrosion. Texas might be dry but this area of the shop may not be.

However, oxygen plus moisture is not the only oxidizing agent that would cause this problem. Are there oil wells in the area, a power plant or other source of "pollution"? Sulfur compounds in the atmosphere will cause the corrosion reported, especially on bronze where there will make a black deposit.

It would seem to me that moving the storage location would provide some useful data to diagnose this problem, if not eliminate it. Is the source of the corrosive agent in the shop, or in the atmosphere?

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