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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Tony

You and I have discussed this before, so I mention the issue for the benefit of others here.

I have a bronze LN #3, as well as a number of other brass planes, and I do not experience any marks from them. In fact, I cannot ever recall marks from the #3 in all the years I have owned it. The plane has had a lot of use in the past 4 years (since I began using the chipbreaker to control tearout) .... and this is the main difference between my plane and yours - yours sits unused for very long periods.

The simple fix is to wipe it down before you use it. And to use the plane more frequently. You are dealing with oxidation (although George at SMC believes that the black is leeching out of the brass, and advises a solvent to remove it), and either burnish it away on wood, or wipe it away before use. If the marking is slight, a second shaving will remove anything from the first.

Regards from Perth


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