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I live on the south plains where we're lucky to get 20" of water from the sky. The planes are in my heated/ac'd garage - I have one of those Mitsubishi wall mount units. They usually sit on my bench. I think I got on top of the rust issue finally with a combo of CRC 3-36 and camellia oil.*. I'm going to order some renaissance wax for at least the bronze plane unless someone tells me something better.

UPDATE: I used the #4 on a doe's foot I made out of BORG white pine to try to polish the sole. Still had just a bit of streaking at the end but was taking 1.5 thou shavings and leaving a shimmering surface - which is useful for a bench appliance made of wood that dents when you look at it. Think I'll keep it for a might and find another way to meet my hankering.

*haven't put the 3-36 on the soles because I was afraid it would interfere with finish.

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