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Re: Why is tarnish a problem?
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Why is tarnish a problem? ()

Tarnish leaves black streaks on the wood. Wouldn't be a problem on any plane but a smoother. Darned inconvenient to set a smoother to leave a beautiful reflective surface and then have black smudgy streaks all over the board.

I do have plane socks but when I pulled my iron planes out they all had rust on them -and they were camellia liked when put away. Didn't do the same with the bronze plane as I was thinking it wouldn't rust (which was a big reason I bought the darn thing).

If I was confident that any solution would keep it from coming back I wouldn't worry about this question. On a side note I made a doe's foot that I'm going to take it to to reduce down the depth of because I don't care if it has black streaks. I'll see how the wood 'polishes' it.

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