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Have you explored the socks they sell, I have a few planes in those. Not something I would do overnight, but if I am not thinking of using the plane for a while.

I'm a bit of a yachtie, and when it comes to avoiding tarnish, we use bronze not the sewer pipe cast iron they use in LV. One of the events that killed off cast iron for me, for the most part, was having an earlier iteration of LV planes, a standard bailey that was made to work out of the box, and with a document guaranteeing the sole was ground to the tens... Anyway, no fault of the plane, it got into the one moving box I had that apparently sat in some water last move, and when I got back to it, not having known, it was ruined. A few exceptions along the way, that was it for me with the sewer piping. Overall another advantage of wood.

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