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Scary sharp sandpaper glue

john Lucas
I use the scary sharp system of gluing sandpaper to glass. Since I'm a wood turner this doesn't get used a lot. Every now and then I do flat wood project and need to touch up my hand planes or chisels. I use 3M super 77 spray and it's always hard to get the sandpaper off when I need to replace it. Anyone have a better idea. Right now I use 4"x 10" pieces of glass as my substrate and cut the sandpaper to fit.
A second question. I sharpen to 1500 grit and then go to the strop. Is that where you guys stop. My chisels seem quite sharp and will shave hair easily. I did find some 2000 grit paper and wonder if I should go that extra step. It would require finding some more glass.
If you want the ultimate sharp edge (I'm thinking carving tools) what method would you use.

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