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Who has had tallow dry? Does it and how long?

david weaver
I ask that question in all honesty. I oil and wax my planes relatively regulary, and I put a grotesque amount on them sometimes because I care less about what they look like.

Not everyone does that, though, and a couple of years ago, mutton tallow was all the rage because there was a blog post about it.

I've got an old plane that has very hard tallow (i believe it to be tallow) on it. What actually happens when you put new tallow on a plane, does it grease up the surface (and thus end up on your hands and then on workpieces) or does it get soaked in or what?

Curious, as I bought a pound of it off of ebay - same brand as the 1 oz stuff sold by woodworking shops, just a lot cheaper in a pint tub.

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