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Interesting spokeshave

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
I was given a bunch of old tools over the weekend including the Goodell Steel Mitre box shown HERE

One of the items is this spoke shave.

Under the handles it shows "Patented April 18, 1876". No maker marks that I can see.

I found the Patent via google.

Can't find anything about the manufacturer though.

The patent says "invention consists in forming the stock of a spokeshave in a V shape, and with a cutting-iron in each of the faces, in order that it may be used to cut to or from the operator without the need of reversing it."

I guess the intent was that you can push it or pull it. Seems like a lot of extra engineering and cost just so you don't have to flip it around. Plus, you have to maintain two irons.

Maybe that's why I have never seen a shave like this before; it never took off and never sold well?

Thought this was interesting and would share.


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