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What part does the shop play in your life?

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
We are a diverse bunch brought together here by our mutual love of wood, tools, and craft. Some of the time we agree about technique, design and method, and some times we disagree. Some here appear to focus intensely on their builds, and others find there are other priorities. I am interested to hear from you what is important for you about your time in the shop.

For myself, it is time for quiet reflection and creative thinking, along with the joy of bringing a vision into being. It is as much the journey as the destination.

I have a strong interest in creativity and innovation - not just in the workshop with furniture and tool design, but how it presents in people. This is echoed in my other life as a clinician and therapist.

For any here with a desire to read something about psychology and crafts, I heartily recommend Peter Korn’s "Why we make things and why it matters - The education of a craftsman”.

Regards from Perth


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