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Face Vise Recommendation

Brad Chenoweth
I posted this over on the main board, but at Hank Knight's suggestion, I'll post it here as well (I have been following the bench thread below. Thanks, Hank).

I'm finally building an honest-to goodness workbench in my garage shop. No more plywood-on sawhorses contraptions! It's going to be a general-purpose bench (a dedicated hand tool bench is down the road). I want to install a face vise on the left front corner. I'm looking at the Jorgensen from Lee Valley and the Milwaukee from Joel (I like the ideas of buying American). I've looked at the Wilton as well, but I think the swiveling jaw would be a pain most of the time. Besides, I know Sir William came up with a shop-built solution to do the same thing with a regular vise. I'm also considering the face vise hardware kit from Lee Valley.
Anyone have a favorite brand to recommend? Likes and dislikes?

P.S.- I find myself more and more intrigued by hand tools. I was fortunate enough to acquire, from my aunt, a tool chest full of tools belonging to my great-grandfather a couple of years ago,and I really want to put them back to work. More on the chest and tools later.

Brad, enjoying the warmer weather (for now) in northeast Ohio

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