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Medicine cabinet, second build

Brian Holcombe
I'm building two medicine cabinets and the first one is nearing completion. I've created a door for it, which I'm fairly happy with, but have decided to create another design for the second cabinet, and if it is a success possibly replace the first with this second design. My feeling being that the door is just a bit too sleek for the cabinet.

So this is the finished door, less handle, installed into the wall....less drywall work.

So, I've put that aside to do some contemplating on how to do the handle and have begun the second case, detailing the build a bit more thoroughly.

It starts with a good bit of sawing and resawing, my goal being to get the material down to it's best sections and retain enough of it to get the majority of the cabinet out f a few board feet.

Onto flattening. Not a whole lot of material to work with so I ran the Jack plane long grain.

After creating my reference face and bringing the other down to thickness I finished planed. Nearly nothing for tear out and I removed the tiny bit that I had in about two swipes.

Roughing them down to width.

Six sides square

Then onto dovetailing. Minor goof in that I should have retained the rear mitered on the top of the case, since I eliminated them I have to cut a stopped dado.

I've been basically eliminating paring blocks from my repertoire, but in this case the miter is quite critical, so I decided to make one up for it. I did without on the first case and decided that my miters needed a bit more perfecting.

In the process of cutting these dovetails the long 1/2" bolt in my bench gave up the ghost. I decided that rather than replacing it with a larger bolt that it was time to provide another solution;

So far so good, much firmer hold on material.

Miters looking good, and I will pull the into proper alignment when I glue up

And my dovetail work, which will be buried in the wall, is looking good to my eye.

And finally what the end user (my wife) will see;

Evidence of dovetails to me...

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