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A basswood (Linden) question

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Far north one finds white pine as the preferred secondary wood. In the middle there is poplar and farther south yellow pine. Basswood (AKA Linden) grows in the middle range from central NYS to southern VA. The trees grow tall and straight and they yield good lumber. While not as common as poplar in the southern part of its range range this species would have been plentiful enough to be used as a secondary wood. Yet it didn't (and doesn't) seem to be used as commonly as these other secondary woods. There must be a reason.

It is currently cheap and plentiful in clear boards in good widths. Does anyone know why it would not be an acceptable substitute for occasions where white pine would be used? (It is harder than white pine but softer than poplar. I would not use it for drawer sides but for interior framing and drawer bottoms it would seem to be a good choice. )

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