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Re: American vs British Cockbeading Smack Down

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi Bill,

I have enjoyed your cockbeading thread--very interesting, including Warren's how to.

This is a pure guess on my part, to attempt a stab at your question--Why the partial cockbead? And I'm thinking straight drawers here. If you're in a climate regime with long wet spells, and variable indoor climate control. then there would need to be quite a bit of gap or relief on the height of a drawer, to keep it from getting stuck frozen-tight in wet weather. The partial cockbead would allow a lot of flexibility in final fitting to visually close that vertical gap, by tapering the bead such that it just barely closes the gap and at the very front of the closure. Furthermore, these final trial fittings could be done with the drawer actually installed in its enclosure, fully made except for applying the partial beads.

Just a notion.


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