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I did a woops

Jack Guzman from Maine
I build windsor chairs. I've been learning how for a few years now. I'm putting together a continuous arm rockler using some plans that Curtis Buchanan made up.I got my legs and stretchers done and dried the parts that needed drying. I shaped the front of the seat and carved the seat bowl. I had left excess wood on the back to give me a clamping surface.
Yesterday morning I decided it was time to assemble the legs and stretchers to the seat. I glued the stretchers to the legs and then glued these assemblies into the seat blank. I drove wedges into the leg tenons and I was done. I was content. It all came together without a hitch. Everything fit right and all was in proper proportions.
I was standing back admiring the new seat and I noticed my woops.
The excess wood at the back of the seat was still attached. Usually I cut this off with a bandsaw and then clamp the seat blank into my double screw vise and shape the back with a drawknife before assembling the seat. There was no way I was disassembling the leg system at this point so I just walked out of the shop and left it for a new day.
This morning I cut off the excess with a jigsaw and alternating between my regular drawknife and my 4" Jennings carvers drawknife I managed to carve around the legs sufficiently to finish the job. All is well again and I won't do that again.---Jack

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