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Hand Tool Chat tonight 9:30 PM EST

Bob Entwisle in NJ
Tonight’s topic is:
“What would you like to see in a woodworking show hand tool demonstration”?

Many of us attend WW shows over the course of a year, but often (I) wonder if it’s worth the bother to go at all. I mean ‘been there, done that’ who hasn’t felt that way after attending their 17th or 26th local woodworking show?
So let’s jump outside of the ‘been there done that’ woodworking show box tonight and explore:
What process or technique to be demonstrated over the course of 15 minute to an hour long demo might make the difference to you between deciding ’go’ or ‘not go’ to a WW show?
What do you dislike about some WW show demos, what would make them better?

Hope to see you there.

Bob in NJ

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Hand Tool Chat tonight 9:30 PM EST
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