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Done is a good feeling :-)

Gary B
I've been working on a saw till for my shop. I rent at the moment, and am not allowed to attach anything to the garage wall, so for the moment this will rest on the back of my bench. I've been working on this on and off for a few weeks now. This was my first hand tool only project; though I did cheat. The sides and bottom are nearly 10" wide, and no matter what I did, I couldn't cut these parts square enough to make me happy. So...3 minutes at work with our sliding table saw set that straight. I'm open to learning how I could have pulled this off at home. I don't have a good shooting board setup, maybe this would have done it.

I also tried amber shellac for the first time (not from flake, the canned stuff). The wood was poplar, but it looked too good to paint when I was done. I wiped on the shellac with a cloth, then sanded with 320, then waxed (yes, with car wax...lol) I didn't have any fancy wood wax on hand. I was happy with the wax, and the shellac overall, though it did get blotchy in a few spots, and I don't like what the amber shellac did in the corners. Maybe a brush would have done a better job at this.

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