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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
As Bob said, it has been too quiet here. I am busy building drawers, which are an interesting challenge, but will not show them here until I have done a few.

In the meantime, to get some involvement on the forum, here are the mallets I use. Hopefully you will post your favourites as well, that is, the ones you actually use.

I have added UHMW Polyethylene to the faces of all my mallets/persuaders. This has replaced the leather fronts I was using. The advantage of UHMW is that it is hard and stiff enough to provide good feedback, but has a touch of give to prevent marring the ends of unhooped chisels.

It began with using a Thor (at the rear), which became a general purpose mallet -- it is excellent when trying to keep the noise level down when morticing! Then I added it to the end of my 8 oz plane hammer, which is my go-to for tapping the backs of unhooped chisels when dovetailing. (I use a similar-sized gennou for Japanese hooped chisels). This was so successful that I added it to the 19 oz Veritas Cabinetmakers mallet (re-handled to fit my hand), which is used for morticing into softer woods, and the 36 oz monster mortice mallet (which is beefed up with inlaid brass), that is reserved for the hardest woods.

My go-to gennou has a Tenryuu gennou head, which came from So Yamashita at Japan Tool. This has a Tsuchime (hammer mark) finish and in the Daruma style, which is a broad head useful for chisels. The handle is a traditional design and fit.

Regards from Perth


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