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Some marking tools *PIC*

Wanted to drop these here as a thank you to Derek Cohen for the inspiration as I mostly followed your doc at http://www.inthewoodshop.com/ShopMadeTools/A%20Knife%20for%20Marking%20Dovetails.html for the basic design on the marking knife and awl. Modifications were of course made for which I'll take full blame.

I actually did 4 sets of these, but they're all basically the same so just posting pics of the one set.

knife and awl, added a little carving which keeps them from rolling and adds a little positive gription on the bottom bits, the knots on the top part were just for fun.

Dual beam marking gauge, the brass pieces were hand filed to fit into dovetail slots in the front, but I epoxied them in anyway. The snail doesn't actually overhang quite as far as the picture here shows...

A box to put them in (also inspired by Mr Cohen, although I punted on the pivoting holder due to time limits, maybe next time)

Although my dovetails are far from as nice as his (its a learning process).

Mostly hand made, although the lathe used to do the initial turning on the knife/awl is powered, I used my neander-buddy (aka bandsaw) for rough dimensioning, and there was some powered grinder work required to convert the jigsaw blades and drill bits into cutting knives and awl points.

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