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cutoff sled thoughts- long *PIC*

Jerry Gibbs
I made a sled based on an article in FWW no. 227 by Alan Turner. The sled is made in two parts. A runner is attached to each half. Each half is trimmed by the blade to form a zero clearance slot. Turner used quartersawn hardwood for the runners. I have had trouble with wood runners and don't like the price of plastic or metal runners. I used shelf support strips. The important factor is that the runner ride against the inside edge of the miter slots. These strips are smaller than the slots and can easily be installed upside down.

Here the strip is screwed against a straight edge.

The sled half is then flipped and trimmed with the strip held against the inside of the miter slot.
Another problem is installing the registry fence (closest to operator). Typically one end is fastened with a screw as pivot. The other end is fastened with various screws through the bottom by trial and error. I clamped a spacer board as shown.

After trial cuts, the spacer was cut shorter or lengthened by shims as needed. When the cuts were square, the fence was fastened through the bottom by screws.

The sled is now long to the right. If I leave it this long, I will use the clamp shown as a stop for table legs, stretches, etc.
Thanks for looking, Jerry

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