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Ellis Walentine

Our dear friend and former chatroom host Stephen Shepherd is still recovering from his debilitating stroke of last winter. His nephew, Kelly Bingham, has taken over management of Stephen's website and affairs and is now fulfilling orders for Stephen's books and other products.

Here's a note that Kelly posted on Stephen's FullChisel blog in July:

Here is a quick update on Stephen Shepherd and this site. Stephen had a stroke last December and just recently had open heart surgery. He is doing well and recovering considering everything he has been through. Stephen currently resides at St Joseph’s Villas in Salt Lake City Utah and I have recently gained access to his website and accounts so I can continue to assist him in selling books and answering all of your questions about his work. Apparently Stephen has been greatly missed and I apologize it has taken this long to gain access and answer all the responses to his web page and orders of his books and other goods. Please bear with me and be patient while I wade through all of the orders and responses. If you are interested in Stephen’s books I can accommodate all orders. If I have not responded to your emails or messages yet I will in the next week or two as there were over 2,000 responses.

I have had each of the books printed and ready to ship. As for other items I am working with Stephen’s close friends to see if I can accommodate those. Some I might be able to help and if not will make sure you are refunded any funds sitting in Paypal. If you have questions for me please contact me at 801-726-2598 or via email kmbingham92@msn.com. I am also looking after Stephen’s email so you can send me a message at Stephen@fullchisel.com.

My wife and I stopped by St. Joseph's Villas in Salt Lake City this past June to visit Stephen. He was surprisingly cheerful, considering his condition and how close he came to the end of the line. I agreed to help in any way I can, since he is unable to work and has no income or means of support other than his books and other products he has engineered over time. So, I would like to exhort all my WoodCentral visitors to visit Stephen's Full Chisel Store and consider purchasing one or more items from the selection there. If there are any questions, Kelly's phone number is listed in the quote above and you can inquire about availability of any of the items in the store. You might also be interested in checking out Lee Valley's version of Stephen's ingenious drilling jig . I purchased one when they first came out and it is a remarkably simple, efficient and versatile little jig -- certainly one any woodworker would find many uses for -- and, of course, all sales help Stephen to carry on.

If you have not seen or read any of Stephen's published works, I think you'll find them entertaining and vastly informative. Stephen spent much of his adult life researching and applying the tools and methods of the woodworking trades, particularly those of the late 1700s and early 1800s. His command of the history and science of topics as diverse as hide glue, paint, shellac, spinning wheel repair, and antique tools lend an informed perspective to his writings on authentic hand-tool woodworking and finishing. His blog itself is an encyclopedic resource for woodworkers interested in the old ways of doing things.

Please peruse his store and consider supporting him through your purchases and donations. WoodCentral misses his presence and his voice. And though he is making a remarkable comeback from his very damaging stroke and subsequent open-heart surgery, he may never regain his ability to practice the craft that has been the foundation and expression of his life's work. The least we can do is to show our appreciation for his scholarship and his good efforts over the years. WoodCentral owes him a debt of gratitude.

Also, if you're inclined, consider offering a piece or a tool on our Benefit Auctions board for Stephen's benefit. I will gladly handle the arrangements and all proceeds will go directly to an escrow fund that I will forward directly to Stephen and his caregivers.

Sickness or death can interrupt anyone's life at any moment. We're grateful that Stephen has survived his greatest challenge and hope that we can play some small part in his sustinence and recovery.

Ellis Walentine, Host

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