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logging for plane bodies and drawer sides *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I'm posting here because while I am harvesting drawer sides the procedure is identical for plane bodies. In just a short time we had billets for resawing over 200 sq ft of quarter grained drawer sides, or had it been beech, dozens of plane bodies.

Step 1 is to locate a large tree and sturdy son in law. A neighbor took down this 33" poplar that had spent most of its 85 year life growing in a dense forest only to wind up too close to their house.

pic 1

Step 2 is to buck it into appropriate lengths.

pic 2

Step 3 saw a slab off each side. A chisel tooth chain does well here. Slabbing off both sides took 5 min or less.

pic 3

Step 4, split of saw out the center of the tree and discard it for firewood.

pic 4

Step 5 seal ends. I forget the Anchorseal so we used latex paint.

Step 6 put it somewhere to dry where it has good air circulation on all sides but not in direct sun. These billets will be ready to resaw for final drying at the end of summer next year.

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