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Italian hingery *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I saw this hinge in all the country furniture and even in larger house doors. I have never seen this style of hinge used before in furniture. It is reminiscent of the gate hinges I use in the sheep pasture. Apparently it wears in furniture better than I would have expected. All the doors I scrutinized remained well fitted with no sag from pin wear. Maybe it is yet another miracle property of olive oil applied to hinge lubrication :) , though none appeared to be lubed.

There must be a trick which was not obvious to me for installing this hinge to get its position correct . And then there is the issue of splitting as the pins are driven in and cinched. Clever Italian cabinet makers.

Like most country furniture this one was pine. Every piece of wood in Chianti seemed to be stained this color whether it was pine, oak or walnut.

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