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Wiley's Pattern..

david weaver
...yeah, nothing new. Another one of a similar plane, and last one for a little while maybe. I can't stop trying things, but sometimes they don't turn out the way I want.

I call it wiley's pattern because wiley made a generous gesture and put a spare matheison jack of his in my possession which gives me both a handle to copy and the right proportions and locations of things.

Maybe copy isn't the right word, it's not a dead copy, but heavily influenced by.

I thought since this isn't going to be my plane, that I'd make the wedge a bit laterally undersized at the top, but tight at the tips of the fingers. I think it just looks like it's the wrong size. I made it short so it would be a while before it had to be cut to adjust the iron. It doesn't look terrible, but a lot of these planes have very bold wedges that are square all the way to the top and large. I'd make it taller and wider if I did it again. You can see from above, having the gap just doesn't look right.

Also, a stray float stroke made the mouth not as tidy laterally on the bottom as I'd like, but that picture didn't come out right, so it's not shown. It's got a couple of things like that are the kind of things that torture you when you just want to make one just right, but I'm sure it will work fine.





The light stripe down the middle is the transition from heart to sap, sometimes it's really distinct like this. I think it looks neat, but over time it will all become the same color.

Thanks, Wiley! It's so nice to have a decent plane to start from.

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