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david weaver
Most of the old stanley planes don't take much to get working well. The trouble is we're told the wrong things to get them working, and too much of it (lap this, lap that, frog needs to be mirror finish, mouth filed, iron needs to have a mirror polish up to the slot).

Some of the success in minimum preparation is in the buying, or maybe most. But it takes little patience (as in maybe buying the 50th plane you browse instead of the 5th).

I only buy planes now if I break something, but I did break the handle on a 4 earlier this year and bought another one. It took, I think, about 12 minutes to prepare it. Less time than most people probably spend on setting up a premium plane.

I put it on video, too, and have been using the plane since with no additional setup. It did all of the finish work (and a fair bit of penultimate step work) on both of these planes:


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