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The sharpest one!
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1st GOOD plane ()

Bruce McCrory
I have various sizes of planes. However, the ones I use are the sharpest. The sharp ones work, do what they are expected to do, and make life far more pleasant. Trouble is ... they get dull. So...

... Far more important than that first plane is get some decent sharpening items. I have everything from Arkansas to diamonds: and what works... A cheap blade guide, three steel plates from Lee Valley, and Diamond paste. About $150 invested in maintenance, plus the tool. Save money and use the Library for books. I hand cut the bevels, so no grinder to f*** a blade. If you have trouble, and can't get a fine shaving, you didn't sharpen the blade.

Some people are tinkerer's. I am not. Old Stanleys need a lot of tinkering, so mine are from someone who did tinker. But all the Stanleys I use have modern blades and cap irons. Don't expect a beat hunk of junk to grow glass slippers. Get a new plane.

Size is sort of whatever scratches the itch best. I use sissy #4s because my next surgery is a new shoulder. But blocks and #5s work, too. However, the key is "sharp". Sharp. But don't count on building a bedroom set with it. They perform best with your little projects. I need to change the cutters in my DeWalt planer.

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