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Bruce McCrory
For Labor Day entertainment, Wife and I made a rare visit to 'Le-Antique malle. [Like eating at a ristorante.] Besides the piles of Hummels--Hubbels, in my mind--and every other nick-nack you can't imagine outside a garbage truck, there were small pieces of furniture.... Stuff, is the best term.

How I know it was 'homemade' is less the fault of fifty-year-old style, or honey-tone maple in soft pine (nemesis of black walnut), lumber yard dimensions, or the size. No, mostly, it was the look of a magazine/end-table/lamp-stand-all-in-one of multiple styles. In one construct.

The realization made me assess my current and pending projects. ...

Two end-tables/lampstands/nick-nacks holders in progressively shrinking maple that won't stay flat. If they are built, half the already milled wood will be organic compost. The pair, never intended for one davenport/sofa/couch will likely be in another antique mall; maybe, this same one, the longest living junk store I have ever shopped. But not as a pair.

A critic will probably inspect the piece(s). And, wonder how on earth someone managed to build a table with no two pieces of the same thickness!

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