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Good Eyes, Warren!

david weaver
Warren - I have to commend you for having good enough eyes to tell that my already-oiled and waxed plane was hand planed. I suppose some of that (planed surface) is given up by the fact that you can see a transition line on the back of the plane where I chiseled and then filed the rear curves, one that would've disappeared with sandpaper.

And thanks for bringing up that old stuff where I was fascinated with an old single iron plane. :\ I do have a plane that met that description (unused, 50 degree bedded, tight mouth - unused at nearly 200 years old), and still have it. Once I finally got a sense of what I wanted to get the double iron to do, that plane was quickly left in the dust. A nicely (and precisely made and fitted) plane, but an inferior design. If I only knew then what I know now. Lucky to have learned it before making a whole bunch more single iron planes, I guess.

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