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Bruce Mack
I have a recent passion for spoonmaking, with elements of sculpt as you go, green woodworking, woodfinding, and the use of axes, hatchets, drawknives, and spokeshaves. I like deep bowls as they look good and immediately distinguish the product from machine made spoons. Once I have gouged a good looking bowl, I work on the outside to leave it substantial, shapely, proportionate to the bowl, and not too heavy. The handle/bowl axis should result in good control and a pleasant user feel.
I have worked the bowl convexity with spokeshave and a Shinto rasp as well as Nicholson 49. Today I had a lot of wood to remove and took a Mercury 14" farrier rasp off my shelf. One side is a serious rasp; the other an equally serious double cut file. Both sides are flat. My wife's farrier had given it to me a few years ago and had said I would have fun using it on wood but I had had no occasion to use it seriously until today. It was very effective and shaped the bowl roughly but usably much faster than I was accustomed. The file side smoothed the striations and left the bowl ready for the usual sequence of rasps, files, etc.
This may be useful to makers of other shaped surfaces, and at $20 is quite affordable.

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Hoof Rasp
Hoof Rasp
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