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William Duffield
Maybe, the only reason for visible compass point pricks is because Plexiglas wasn't available in the 18th Century. :D

Seriously, you couldn't have more important customers than those. They are really privileged to experience the skills that you have invested in their furniture. If you are worried about their long term memories, bring them back into the shop when they get a little more coordinated, and have them do some of the work themselves. Their fist project doesn't need to be a Seymour table. ;) Something as simple as a leaf and berries on a hair clip would suffice.

Nowadays, too many kids' exposure to the crafts is no deeper than scissors and a hot melt glue gun, and their experience of the arts goes no further than interior makeover Reality TV shows. It's no wonder they can't differentiate between quality and IKEA. And then there is this disturbing story:


Beyond the tragedy, the anchor brackets are a lot more intrusive than any evidence of real hand craftsmanship would ever be. If the IKEA customers don't understand drywall, there is a good chance that the anchors will be totally ineffective, anyway. Splayed bracket feet and solid hardwood construction are worth every penny.

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