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Report on the Latta Bench *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I am pleased with its function. It was worth the effort to make it. It is 43" off the floor which suited my diminutive 5'7" height satisfactorily.

Fastening it to the bench became trivial. I was unsure where I wanted it for access and lighting. I threw a 25 pound bag of shot on it and it was adequately stationary such that I never did anything else to secure it.

The vise is a 9" Jorgensen. It too heavy, too expensive and less convenient than it could be. I would have preferred the quick release mechanism of the Record style for the purpose of this bench.

I cut a cornea (now scared) in a logging accident and my eyesight is not sharp enough for this work. The magnifying light made it possible to get precise cuts which resulted in an accurate pattern. Accurate intersections of the lines and berry spacing is critical to a pleasing appearance. The lines are only 0.030" so the tolerances for positioning intersections is not great.

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