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Spice Box-String Leveling *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

After the string is pushed into the trough and the glue sets the string must be leveled with the field. I like to level about 30 min after gluing so that the glue is still rubbery, in case some glue remains next to the string.

Latta cautions to not level by sanding. I have tried a block plane, chisel, scraper and they all have their place in leveling. But for the initial material removal a large #3 Sweep works dandy. Its raised corners offer little risk of inadvertently digging into the field. One begins with some gentle initial cuts to assess what way the grain is running. If the shaving starts to run into the field the direction of cutting is reversed.

Happiness is a string circle where the miter meets perfect.

BTW, the Latta style bench I made for this project has worked out to be well worth the effort to make it. I can see what I am doing better and no back pain after some hours of stringing.

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