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Breast drill question

Dave (Arlington, VA)
I have a Miller Falls No. 112 breast drill and I have a question and was hoping that someone might have some insights. When I chuck a drill bit into the drill and turn the handle the bit does not turn coaxial to the drill frame. Instead the bit is somewhat off center and the tip makes a small circle in the air when the handle is turned. I try to carefully make the bit seat correctly, but always ends up being off-center.

I haven't tried drilling with it because this didn't seem right. I assume if I did try to drill with it the drill would torque some as I turn the handle....and that didn't seem like it would be good for me, the drill, the bit or the hole.

Am I right that the bit should line up coaxial to the drill frame (as it does in my powered hand drills)? And if I am right has anyone seen something like this before and have any suggestions as to what might be wrong so I could fix it?

I appreciate the help.

Thank you.


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