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Saw Vise - one solution *PIC*

Bob Entwisle in NJ
In last night’s Hand Tool Chat, the subject of saw vises came up, so I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of a saw vise that I made .
This vise should more properly be called an appliance as it is meant to work in conjunction with a bench vise to hold a saw plate for filing. It’s by no means elegant and has several shortcomings, but the objective at the time I made it, was to learn how to file a saw, not to build a magnificent saw vise.
So here is my vise, and I’d be interested to see and hear about others solutions to this work holding task.

The vise is ½ inch Baltic birch plywood, maple jaws glued to the plywood, and a leftover piece of piano hinge.

Bob in NJ

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