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Gluing- the perils of Forum learning

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Clarification: What follows is not a criticism of how Derek assembles panels. Rather it is a caution of not exactly following an example without understanding the details of the process.

If I glued panels like Derek glues panels I would have a disaster when the stain went on. Two differences have crept into the process that might not be recognized by someone inexperienced trying to learn from the discussion. I use yellow glue. It repels stain. I stain most everything I build. Your results may differ.

I strive for the most minimal squeeze out on a panel. Ideally the yellow glue is allowed to dry to its rubbery stage and then the tiny balls of squeeze out are scraped off, or fully dried and scraped off with more difficulty. Wet wiping will put stain-repellant yellow glue into the pores where it will remain for ever.

That said, I don't understand wet wiping under any circumstance. I never saw it done in the professional shops we sold to.

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