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log to spoon

Bruce Mack
I am an amateur woodworker who owns way more hand tools than he needs. A few months ago I got 3 cherry logs from a friend who intended to use them to fuel his maple sugar boiler. With usual overkill I bought a splitting axe, a chopping axe (Fiskars- total $75), 2 draw knives (the first came with about 40 degree total inner and outer bevel, requiring too much reworking in my opinion), and made a chopping block of upended treated 4x4s.
Well, it has been great. The spoons emerged, righties and lefties depending on the recipient. I got to use many tools - axes, drawknives, spokeshave, gouges, hook knife, chisels, saws, scraper, rasps, files and sandpaper, as well as bandsaw (to remove much of the sapwood). The most recent spoons have been heavier in handle than those I have seen, but well received by the users. I wish I could post a picture but the process including resizing defeats me.
I exult, because for the first time in woodworking I got to work wood from log to product. Though requiring no joinery, spoons can have variety and figure. This will make non tree huggers wince, but in some crazy way the energy expended lives on in the spoon. Over and out :)

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