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More on Don Williams and the tool chest

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Don was a presenter at SAPFM and in the informal session he provided more insight, and pictures, into the now famous tool chest.

Going back in time, Don let it be known that he would like to see it. The anonymous owner contacted Don and made an invitation for him to see it. Don convinced the owner to display it. The transportation and display requirements imposed by the owner, who insisted on anonymity, became what would be typical of any exceptionally valuable art. The crating, insurance, transportation, security, display preparation, etc costs were substantial. Hence, the viewing fee.

Don said that 25,000 high resolution pictures were taken of the chest and its contents. It is an interesting tool chest, but personally, I don't get why in the woodworking community it has achieved rock star status.

Don said that the Rubo book on furniture will be out in September. Don provided more insight into that effort as well. Having participated in the translation of the Kato and Kawai papers I could relate to the difficulty of translating technical terms from one language to another. Both a language and a technical expert are required, and even then some guesses are made.

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