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slipping veritas plough, Eureka!

Edward in Vancouver
I've always been plagued with the depth stop on thee Veritas plough, Like Lucy with her football, it always slips at the last minute. I've roughened the post with horizontal scratches, roughened the casting slot with horizontal scratches, but it still slips. Taking Derek C's advice, I cut a slot in the adjustment knob for better tightening with a screwdriver. Result? I snapped off the threaded portion from the knob, had a devil of a time getting the remnent out.

I was sorting out some junk today and came across a firm rubber washer, maybe 1/2" in dia and maybe 1/16" thick and a light bulb went off. I laid the washer over the threaded hole on the plane body, placed the clamp on top of this, laid the wave washer on top of the clamp, and threaded the knob home.

With "moderate" finger pressure on the knob, I can't get the depth stop to budge!

Try it. It won't cost you anything and there's no modifications to make to your plane.

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