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Re: Quickie Bookshelf, Fin

david weaver
I agree, Roger, and I don't want to suggest only fine work is worth talking about. I feel as though my level of thought going into these small cases is cursory and for convenience, and a tiny fraction of how much I've thought about planes.

I really don't know why it's even that important for me to say that. Like my boss at work says, I need to "get over myself".

My dad would have a different perspective about this, he'd call even something like this tedious. I can recall many times when he got white pine from a local lumber yard (when we had a real one) in finished width, cut it with a circular saw and a scroll saw, put together a shelf in a couple of hours, stained it and then that was it! He wasn't a woodworker, but his shelves held my books for 22 years until I moved away from home. They are all still in perfect shape, still full of books.

Dad would say "get over yourself", too, and my mother would say "why put that effort in if you're not getting paid?" :b

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