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david weaver
Thanks for the nice comments, Wiley. I wish I could tell you something (that I did something) proper regarding the mouldings, but they're glued and screwed knowing they can always be repaired if that doesn't keep them well behaved. I'd have made a dovetail fixture or something in the back to hang the mouldings on if this were a "nice piece" of furniture, and then glued them only at the front.

You hit the nail on the head with the cherry. My wife always requests I stain it, but I have never stained anything (well, I stained some of the floors here, but that doesn't count). I love the way cherry turns, and it turns fast. Our house was made in the 50s, so sort of plainer side stuff like this matches well, and the cherry once it turns matches the varnished trim in the house. I am glad nobody ever painted the trim white in this house, even though most buyers in this area would see it is looking out of date.

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