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david weaver
Shelves dadoed in. Sorry, I forgot to answer that question. Sometimes I'm only good for one per post before I go off and answer questions nobody asked.

Dadoed in about 1/4" (done by hand, of course). I'm sure I could've made this thing, save the HBDT and the mouldings - with power tools much faster than I made this. The lumber as it came from rockler was about 85 hundredths thick and I used it as is other than surfacing it by hand (so nothing is identically thick). The shelves, IIRC, I planed to a constant thickness so as not to have trouble with the dadoes, but the dadoes are cut by hand and marked off of the shelves, so it wouldn't have mattered what size they were or if they were even thickness front to back, I'd have just cut to the mark.

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