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david weaver
As far as the wood quality goes, take a look at the top picture of the bookshelf. The brightness of the flash hides a lot of the strange things on the wood, but one of the issues is the brown streaks on the top of the bookshelf - the flash makes them look washed out a little bit, but the wood has strange brown streaks on it, as if someone took a piece of brown rubber and rubbed it on the wood - the whole board is like that. It's not like mineral pockets which are more drastic, but there was some mineral streaked wood that I put in the back with the T&G. Every board on the pallet had some sort of issue, but the only boards with any width were like the ones here with all of the brown streaks on them. It was $4 a foot and 2 miles away from me, so that won. I can get cherry cheaper here, and better, but I have to make a long drive and schedule it.

The moulding at the top and the wood for the base were just from an 8/4 stock piece off of the rack (not sale wood). They are proud of that there.

What I'm used to seeing there is large boards in the racks, but at an exorbitant price. I'd say it has great color, but that hasn't been the case lately, but it does have even color even though it's more white than pink.

Mike digity used to deliver lumber around here (he was responsible for a lot of the planemakers' beech in circulation), and he always brought me beautiful wood, clear and even from the same tree or from several trees and with a deep pink color. I understand that the pink used to be part of the grade, but due to a decline in quality, it's not part of the grading now.

I'll make a post about the moulding later today. There are probably people striking them in videos on youtube, it's a very intuitive process.

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