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Quickie Bookshelf, Fin

david weaver
Hopefully this will work, I put the image on one of the free hosting/posting sites. I'm sure it won't stay there forever.

We always talk about how it's OK to post mediocre work, so I'm doing that.

(my son is glimpsing in after noticing the flash of a prior picture - he's in the middle of a diaper change)

Base is, I guess, a scotia with rebates at the top and the bottom. The top is just a lazy man's moulding. I'm not wild about it, it's too steep, but it's clearly the kind of thing you can cut with one pair of planes (the same pair as used for the scotia), which means fast.

Back is 1/2" T&G (cut by hand, of course). Finish is shellac and wax, very light two coats of padded shellac. It's not quite as bad as the camera flash makes it look. You can get a glimpse of reflectivity on the top of the shelves. The virtue of using planed wood instead of sanded, but still using a very small amount of finish and wax.

It could've been more interesting, but it's a bookshelf, and the biggest consideration was cost. Rockler's sale wood (which has to be mill culls, even though they don't like it when I say that) is covered with stuff I don't see anywhere else, but not covered with pinkish cherry color. At any rate, I can't find anything in a bookshelf that's respectable (when I look in the stores around here), so the opportunity to do something plain presents itself.

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