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Re: Some more.. *PIC*

david weaver

Made decent progress this weekend. Cut the dadoes, rabbeted the insides of the back to take T&G for the back, cut the shelves, did the glue up, and did all of the tongue and groove. I did use a thickness planer for the T&G stock to get it down to 1/2", the size of my T&G plane. If this thing was something I wanted to build, I'd probably have thicknessed it by hand (I don't mind routine hand work, I consider it an exercise program, which I could use in the first place).

I hate glue ups, there's no way around it. I'm by myself with somewhat limited space and I never get square. I need some warmth for the hide glue and have to move into the basement, which is partially taken up by the cabinets I'm building for the kitchen.

I realize if anyone is paying attention in the picture, you'd wonder why there's TBIII in the picture. It was 0 with a high in the low teens the day I glued the sides together, temp in the basement was high 50s. Just no good options for hide glue.

HBDTs are the bang it out kind you make when you're covering things with a moulding, warren used the term "not perth, but handsome". They're not measured or anything, just guess at the spacing. I don't mind cutting dovetails, but I hate cutting show dovetails, because I don't want them to show in the first place, and there's no room for error.

While gluing together, I got frustrated and was briskly striking the outside of the case to get the shelves to seat, and for some reason I missed a little bit and given that this wood doesn't run straight up and down with the grain, I blew a huge amount of it out in shards with the mallet and had to track it down and put it back together like a puzzle. This wood is full of so many stains, I don't know if anyone will notice the hide glue (which I glued in the cold basement for that spot by focusing a lamp on the area). Actually, nobody will because that side will be facing the corner. It was a dumb conclusion to losing my temper!!

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