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Re: I hear you on locating free wood..

david weaver
...I have no ability to accommodate it. There's often free wood here, but it's of the "had a tree cut down, it's free if you haul it away", and it's already be bucked by the tree service. I have never seen a beech tree in that situation, but if I did, I would probably go and hope for a couple of long rounds to make planes.

I think that folks see lumber in the store, and then they see what they can get for a log (which is often nothing if it's suburban) and they figure it's worth at least something to burn.

There's red oak here out the wazoo. I don't mind it if it's QS, but I don't like it otherwise. That's no bold statement on a woodworking board, but where I grew up, 2/3rds of anything I saw made in hardwood back then was red oak. It still is, I guess...there's a lot of amish builders there. We burned a lot of red oak as a kid, it's absolutely ideal as a firewood. Low ash, burns clean, good heat value and easy to split. Easy to find it standing in big trees, too.

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