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Re: It's easy to get good wood...

If you aren't species specific. Most areas have woods available cheaply in great quality, but you have to be willing to take what you can get. I really don't much like red oak. But it grows on my NB farm. And a lot of it blew over last summer. Of course in Tennessee, I guess local is a dreamy collection of stuff. And availability doesn't change all the other issues you mention. But I am willing to be limited to beech maple, cherry, and red oak. I wish walnut fell across my path more often...

Here is about 1-9K of wood when it was originally knocked over. Just across the road from me. A trunk about 20 feet long and 3 feet in diameter, and perfect hard rock maple. That is one of the original cottages down here by the lake. Just outside Toronto. I could have sawn it up, but these tree removal services hit like a surprise attack, and you get no warning to talk to your neighbours, how many full width benches were in that baby.

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