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david weaver
Btw., I got there when they opened this pallet, so I got to be the first picker. The picture I showed doesn't do justice how crappy the rest of the wood was. I went through the whole pallet and got the stuff shown off of it.

If I'd have arrived later in the day, I wouldn't have been able to get anything that would make even a passable looking bookshelf. In contrast, the stuff they normally stock before it "goes on sale" is perfectly acceptable, and 3/4ths of the boards in the rack are fine. I'm going to assume that when they sell this stuff for $4 a foot, that they are making more money on it than they do with the regular stuff at $5.50 (that's the "sale" price, with the stuff normally being about $7.50 a foot - a price that I wouldn't buy at in the first place). I'm sure there is plenty of room in their 4/4 stock to price it at $5.50, but they're not in the business there to put much lumber through, they're in the business to sell low cost imported gadgets and jigs (at least that's my opinion from going through there).

Working wood with hand tools gives an extra amount of information to your brain about just how bad the wood is, and this wood's definitely dud stuff, chippy with unusual off center grain at the corners of boards, etc.

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