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david weaver
Far and away the best place to get lumber here is local sawyers, but you have to have some lead time to get from them, or be willing to make a trip.

My other quick option supplied the wood that the other bookshelf is made of, and it, too, is substandard (and costs more). The color is bad, but I understand that the color of cherry is no longer part of the grading. It also looks like a lot of it was sawn with the pith off center. I've seen the sorting mills that operate like coin sorters, and I'd assume it comes from a mill like that because all of the boards are approximately the same width.

Most of the wood for my kitchen came from mike digity, a local sawyer, but he retired, so I have to go looking again. Mike's wood is KD, has much better color and a lot fewer defects. It's also less expensive than retail lumber, and he dropped it off at my door.

I agree with what you're saying, at least with cherry (I don't know enough about the rest), select and better isn't that great any longer and I need to go locate a replacement for mike and just keep a couple of hundred feet in my shop since it is my go to wood. though this is pre thicknessed, I've been doing the rest of the work by hand, as even in compressed time, there isn't a great deal of time difference on a project like this one (especially with pre-thicknessed lumber). the plano set with a couple of additional clamps has all of the boards close enough that two smoother passes makes them even.

My biggest problem is that I have storage for about 500 bf, but that's it, and I have a bunch of stuff that I have around that takes up about half of that (specialty things like beech and fruitwoods), but that doesn't get turned over fast.

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