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That is really nice.

I have to say the most functional shelf I built was based on my In-laws', who have immaculate taste. I always figure I will be moving, though we have been here for 20 years. So it is just plywood cases that where they meet are 1.5 inches, not too wide, quite tall. The shelves were made out of 2x stock with bevelled edges. The cases are butted and then the forward edges are covered with 1x pine. It is not fine woodworking, but I have made a few fine woodworking shelves and overall they never look that good in the room. The pieces are nice, but the overall effect with all the disparate volumes is not restful. The key to classing the books is to do it all by size. I want to class book by subject, but it ends up looking terrible. The overall result is it looks like a built in, but can be taken anywhere.

My dad and mom were both profs, so there were a lot of books. My dad built a lot of shelves. I have a lot of books, probably more. If I had it to do all over again today, I wouldn't buy them. But given when I grew up a lifetime with books was inevitable.

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